BBCR welcomes several new owners

06 Feb BBCR welcomes several new owners

Ever wonder what it would be like to be an owner in one of the most respected and well-known bully breed registries in the world? It appears that several influential people in the bully community are going to get an opportunity to see exactly what that experience feels like. On the heels of announcing that the registry is hosting its historic first National Specialty in June, The BBCR appears to be gearing up for major expansion opportunities in 2017.

BBCR CEO seemed to be very excited about the decision… “We are truly thankful for our supporters. There are several individuals who have dedicated many hours of their life to helping this registry become something that our registrants and MemberPlus members can truly be proud of. We have the upmost confidence that these BBCR ambassadors will continue to push for more innovative ideas and a higher standard of doing business within this industry.”

The names of the new owners and details regarding contract terms were not readily available at the time of this article.

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