Office To Georgia

BBCR To Open A New GA Office




The Bully Breed Coalition Registry has officially moved to Georgia and several Bully Breeds have moved with them!

The BBCR tree has branched out from it’s roots as the premiere Shortybull registry to encompass several other Bully Breeds and plans to promote, educate and increase public awareness through professional events, community involvement and forward thinking education practices.


“As founder of BBCR, I’m excited about the growth and direction the BBCR is headed. I see the need for a new office as a sign that we are continuing to excel at meeting the needs of all of our registrants. We feel deeply honored and privileged to have the opportunity to serve the dog breeds and owners within the BBCR.”

– Amy Krogman


Mrs. Krogman went on to state:

“We believed this move (opening a new office, and new breed acceptance) was the necessary step in our expansion due to the overwhelming interest and support that our new registry has received since it’s inception.”


Although the BBCR is not a new registry it is still in it’s infancy and is embracing the challenges that a multi-breed registry faces as well as the concerns of breeders and exhibitors alike. By placing professionalism, honesty and customer service at the top of the registries priority list the BBCR has made a move not only in regards to an office, but has made a move in regards to bully breed progression.


– Bully Breed Publication

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