Organizational Structure

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The BBCR Organizational Management Structure

The BBCR believes the organization’s structure is essential to meet the needs of the dog fancier and purebred pet owners. Various management and organizational changes will continue to be created and developed to improve efficiency and to best utilize the talents of our management team. The following article offers an overview of BBCR’s organizational staff structure, and the duties and reporting chain of individual departments. You will also find the contact information for all persons referenced.



The President / CEO directs all company functions with the intention of upholding the BBCR mission statement and the Codes of Ethics that have been adopted by the BBCR Board of Directors. This position carries the ultimate responsibility for implementing the policies of the Board of Directors and deliver the BBCR mission and goals to staff, the purebred dog fancier, general dog fancier and the public as a whole.

President / CEO Amy S. Krogman began her involvement with dogs early in life, growing up in a family that encouraged a companionship with animals. She studied at UNL University in Nebraska and accomplished her Degree in Veterinary Technology. During this time she was beginning to handle dogs in competition events (Night Hunts) and began exhibiting dogs in the conformation ring in 1986. Over the years she participated in many aspects of the sport: conformation judge, bench show judge (scent dogs), led an area 4H dog club, led obedience training and is involved with the KWDC club in Kansas. In the late 1990’s, the Shortybull breed began its development in rural Kansas. Amy S. Krogram (co-founder of the Shortybull) has worked hard to introduce this smaller healthy bulldog breed to the public. She started the Bull Breed Coalition Registry in 2004 as a way to maintain the historical record of the Shortybull. In 2010, Listenbee was named Chief Operating Officer, which included the responsibility of relocating the BBCR headquarters to Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Reporting directly to the President are the VP / COO, VP / Business Development and Show Judges and Representatives.


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