Orlando’s Big Boss Showcase offers Microchipping

26 Jul Orlando’s Big Boss Showcase offers Microchipping

BBCR will offer free microchipping service at Orlando Show



Along with free temperament evaluation, BBCR will also have vet techs onsite to microchip a select number of dogs. The process of planting the ID within the animal is a very simple process, the chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice (12 mm) and it is inserted through a single shot like a vaccination. The total time for microchipping takes only a few seconds.


Microchipping companies will offer an array of services starting form microchipping to additional services such as anti-migration features, 24-hour tracking. 24/7 medical hotline, and rapid lost pets text alerts and lost pet specialists there to guide you through the loss of a pet. The anti-migration feature ensures that the product will stay in place during the movement of you canine and that it can be easily located and tracked. If for example, your dog is lost and is then taken to a shelter or veterinarian, contact information can be retrieved by scanning the information within the microchip.


This product offers a peace of mind when it comes to your animal and is committed to protecting your pet. The BBCR looks forward to encouraging responsible habits when it comes to the well-being of animals.

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