Pitbull Awareness Day

bbcr4Pitbull Awareness Day Show

Tampa, Florida

Host: Pitbull Gear

Pit Bull Gear Spreads Awareness of Breed-Specific Legislation

Every year, Pit Bull Gear shows its devotion to fighting Breed-Specific Legislation (or BSL) with a special Pit Bull Awareness Day event. On October 22, in partnership with the Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR), the company held its annual awareness event in Tampa, Florida to help make residents of southern Florida aware of Breed-Specific Legislation in their area.

The primary purpose of the event was to educate Florida citizens about discriminating laws against breeds like pit bulls and their owners. The Miami Coalition Against Breed-Specific Legislation (MCABSL) was on hand to provide attendees information on what they can do to help fight BSL. The MCABSL will use all proceeds from the event, as well as a generous donation from the BBCR, to continue the fight to save breeds from unfair legislation.

There’s no better way to learn how this legislation affects dogs and their owners than to hear real-life stories, which is why many rescue organizations attended the event to give testimonials. The event began with the introduction of these organizations and the dogs they are helping to save. One by one, dogs were introduced, and their emotional stories were told. By the end of the day, many of these dogs had found homes.

bbcrOf course, while Pit Bull Awareness Day is meant to be an educational rally, there is always plenty of fun to be had as well. The event provided a wide variety of different activities for dog owners and lovers, including opportunities to adopt pit bulls in need of homes. Different dog competitions were held, including a weight pull competition, a BBCR-sanctioned conformation show, a Pit Bull Gear fun show and a doggy costume contest.

These were serious competitions and featured professional judges. Randy Haina came all the way from Hawaii to judge the conformation show, while Florida native Gary Hamm was on hand to judge the weight pull competition. Hamm believes that the weight pull competitions really show off the amazing physical and mental strength of the breed.

“It gives people a chance to see what it takes to compete in a weight pull, and that any dog can compete if encouraged,” said Hamm.

The BBCR conformation show featured competition in every age group. The finals came down to the Best American Bully against the Best Classic Bully, with the Best American Bully taking home the Best In Show prize. After the conformation show, BBCR President Amy Krogman presented the MCABSL with a $1,000 donation to help the organization to continue fighting BSL.

“It was something we were proud to do as an organization for the MCABSL,” said Krogman. “Their efforts, while residing in Miami, influence efforts into fighting BSL across the country. Being an organization that is there to help influence the efforts of others is very important for us, and days like today make these efforts all worth while.”

bbcr7After all the day’s fun events were completed, the Pit Bull Awareness Day closed with a candlelight moment of silence for all of the dogs who are still searching for families and loving treatment. The attendees all shared their hopes that discrimination against bully breeds will one day be brought to an end.

Connie, the host of the event, closed with the following words:

“Pit Bull Awareness Day is so special to Allen and I. We truly love this breed and do all we can to promote this breed in a positive light. Bringing the show dogs, the rescues and the many dogs needing good homes all together is what it’s about for us! We wanted to create a family atmosphere where all bullies, big, small, short and tall can come together and show the public that it is possible! I think we did that yesterday and we are excited to grow this event with the BBCR for years to come! Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the beautiful day with their bully! For those of you who missed it, make plans for next year, you don’t want to miss this again!”

For more information on the rescue efforts in the Tampa area, contact the Hillsborough County Animal Service’s pit crew. You can hear the heartwarming stories of all the dogs who have been rescued and learn how you can help to find more animals find loving homes.


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