Pokemon Go BBCR Will Catch ‘Em All

26 Jul Pokemon Go BBCR Will Catch ‘Em All

BBCR Will Catch ‘Em All!


If you’ve played Pokemon in its prime years, you will understand the appeal to the twenty- something-year-olds and older (yes, really) folks walking around the sidewalks with their nose pressed to their smartphones. If you don’t understand the appeal, then you probably think of the craze as a foolish conquest for nothing.
Is it so foolish, though? Download the app to add it to the slew of other seemingly useless apps in your phone; only this one-this one allows you to leave the comforts of your home and go outside for a while, maybe even with your canine friends. More people have downloaded the app than they have twitter and snapchat over the last three weeks. For this, the foolishness does not lie with those who can advantage of the franchise. Importantly, the small businesses.
You can be sure to find The BBCR and Pokemon meshing together in this Orlando show, bringing unity between the dog world and the gaming world. Keep a look out and see what rarities may pop up at the Central Florida Fair, take a screenshot and tag us. And most importantly, have a safe Pokemon hunting.

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