Premier Pet Relocation

05 Jan Premier Pet Relocation

Did you know that there is a company out there that will help relocate your pet in over 23 different countries worldwide?

Did you know that same company will offer door to door service, airport to airport service and even ground transportation for animals that may need some extra love and care?

Gone are the times of worry and stress while traveling; dealing with strict airline rules and regulations. Premier Pet Relocation is the one stop shop for all your transportation needs. Founded in December of 2010 by Vanessa Stranghellini and co-owned by our very own Kamerion Wimbley; Premier Pet Relocation, LLC strives to provide the top transportation service for any kind of animal from dogs and cats to tigers and falcons! The company works alongside places like the San Francisco zoo and with notable celebrities and animal breeders to transport across the globe.

Customers are responsible for their pet’s final veterinarian visit is up to date; once done, PPR will take the reins on boarding, landing and any quarantine time if applicable. In addition, veterinarian services are also provided for an additional price.

“We provide 100% stress-free transportation and are behind our clients every single step of the way.” adds Stranghellini, CEO

Not convinced yet? When transporting a pet, PPR will monitor flight statuses 24 hours a day, is USDA licensed and approved and have a worldwide network of professionals that adhere to specific rules and regulations of local and international travel. Still not convinced? They will also send text and email updates while your animal is in transit, making relocation an easy process. PPR is the fastest growing door-to-door service in the US, Middle East and 20+ countries!

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