Registrants beginning to show more public support for BBCR!!!

22 Oct Registrants beginning to show more public support for BBCR!!!

In an age where social media is inevitably playing a bigger role in our daily lives, it only makes sense that we would see the brands we love so much start making their way onto our timelines. The Internet has leveled the playing field between companies that once dominated a particular market and the newer, often times more innovative, players who are now competing for that same space. We’re seeing David’s overthrowing Goliaths more and more as the days go by. It wasn’t long ago when skeptics counted Facebook out as a relevant company, and doubted it’s ability to become a major player in the booming social media and online advertising world. We all know now that such speculation was downright foolish.img_8802

img_8801Enter BBCR. Even though the now well known registry is receiving kudos in the dog community, many people had not heard of this innovative organization of enthusiastic dog lovers until recent years.

The Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR) was founded in 2004 by Amy Krogman as the first official registry for the Shortybull. Franchise members, Kamerion Wimbley and Chas Listenbee, acquired a percentage of ownership in the registry in 2010 and the following year, the registry expanded to recognize five additional bully breeds. In 2014, Wimbley acquired a majority stake in the company when he purchased Listenbee’s shares. In that same year, the registry introduced Marco Suarez as a partner and the director of the American Bully. KW Growth Holdings LLC, owned by Wimbley, later acquired founder Amy Krogman’s stake in the company. Mrs. Krogman is currently serving as the director of Shortybulls. Mr. Suarez is now President and COO, and Mr. Wimbley is CEO. img_8804-1

The BBCR now has nine recognized breeds, and has announced plans to unveil three more breeds before the end of the year. With a deeper roster of highly knowledgeable judges and new breeds, 2017 looks to be a promising new era in BBCR history.

At one point in time the BBCR was synonymous with the Shortybull. “When I acquired a controlling stake in the company, I called around to different breeders to get a feel for where we stood in the dog community. At that time, many people were unaware that we even registered multiple bully breeds. Historically, we’ve always dominated in Shortybull registrations. I think many people now see us as a major player within the American Bully space as well. I am not bias towards one particular breed. I’m focused on making sure our judges select the best dogs from all of the breeds that our registry recognizes.”

Wimbley also goes on to state, “Registries no longer hold a monopoly on a single breed. Handlers now show in multiple registries on a regular basis. While we’ve been told that people have been discouraged from showing under multiple registries, I actually encourage our registrants to show under as many registries as possible. At the end of the day it is about the dogs and getting them as much exposure as you possibly can. The length of time that a registry has been in existence no longer means what it once did. Registrants have options and they are now choosing the registries that best suits their needs.”

img_8803The BBCR has now grown an impressive following at shows and online. Wimbley recognizes the growth and goes on to say, “We are happy to see growing support from many breeders and fanciers at BBCR events and across all social media platforms. We are happy to see people wear BBCR apparel and place our logo on their banners online and at shows. It makes us happy to see that people are supremely confident when announcing their BBCR show wins, breedings and other kennel announcements.”

It’s safe to say that it has now become unclear to see which registry is the David and which registry is the Goliath. However, it’s clearly apparent that the BBCR’s following is starting to look more and more gigantic as time passes by.

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