Shortybull enthusiasts in the Miami area will have a special surprise coming January 21st , 2017

01 Jan Shortybull enthusiasts in the Miami area will have a special surprise coming January 21st , 2017

Legendary BBCR Shortybull director Amy Krogman will be hosting the first official BBCR Shortybull seminar of the year during the highly anticipated Bullies against Bullying weekend. Krogman is also scheduled to judge the BBCR sanctioned Bullies Against Bullying dog conformation show on January 21st.

With the BBCR hosting its first ever USA Nationals in 2017, it is reasonable to assume that BBCR’s online and show circuit presence will continue to expand. This BBCR Shortybull seminar announcement comes right behind a notable 2016 BBCR campaign that was capped by the Mayor of Peru attending the first ever Peru National Specialty conformation dog show in December.

The BBCR is continually being mentioned among breeders, handlers, and enthusiasts as the registry to watch. It’s clear that through the increasingly popular BBCR MemberPlus program, that there has been a growing sense of appreciation for the initiative the registry has taken. There was a focus in 2016 by the registry to provide an elevated platform for dogs and dog lovers to share their knowledge and experiences with all who are willing to listen.

BBCR owner Kamerion Wimbley offered support for the seminar, stating “We think this is a unique opportunity for people to learn more about a breed that currently captures very little main stream visibility. These little dogs have an infectious personality and so many of the desirable traits that you look for in a family companion. Amy Krogman took part in creating a dog that we truly think has the potential to make big waves in the dog world in the future. I encourage people to take full advantage of this opportunity to pick Amy’s brain and learn about the Shortybull.”

The BBCR is proud to be the home of the original Shortybull database containing the true history of the breed. The registry intends to lead the way in educating the public about all of our recognized breeds, while offering exciting ways for people to enjoy an interactive approach to learning about dogs. It looks like 2017 will be one for the history books!

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