Shortybulls In Hawaii

Hau`oli Makahiki Hou


Owner: Russell Chun

Location:  Oahu, Hawaii


BBCR: Introduce yourself to our readers…

Russell: Well, my name is  Russell Chun… As for kennel name I represent The Shortybull Coalition in Hawaii. So Shortybull Coalition HI… I guess.


BBCR: Where are you located?

Russell: Paradise! More specifically…  Oahu,  Hawaii


BBCR: Russell, tell us about your dogs…

Russell: There are actually quite a few Shortybulls in Hawaii. We have a few, ABKC Champion Romeo and Juliet and Onyx owned by Russell Chun. Baby and Juicy owned by Russell Chun and Bobby Coloma is from Romeo and Juliet,  Princess from JSK Kennels owned by Ronald Ewe (Juliet’s sister). Gazoo owned by Terrance Gomez (Hi-Bred Kennels) and Russell Chun,  Butter Cup (Romeo X Juliet) is owned by Joseph Palenapa & Brandon Kahale of Buds Kennel.  SMK Gawgess, Knackt. Pat Agustus and Geri along with their partner Sunny Tampos from Hot Lava Kennels have Pebbles, Bam Bam, are a couple of them. There are others as well so you can see the islands love the Shortybulls!


BBCR: How did you discover Shortybulls?

Russell: I discovered the breed by my ex-partner Pooh Davis and Partner now Marco Suarez of Suarez Bulls Kennels.


BBCR: So, after you checked them out, what made you decided it was the breed for you?

Russell: First of all, I really liked the look and temperament. Being smaller, they seemed like a great fit for the islands as well. I have been involved with the American Bullies for a number of years and the Shortybulls, although a different breed, definitely had a home in the bully community. I also decided to get into the breed cause it was new to Hawaii and a lot of people were very interested in them, my goal was to help promote the breed here and work to keep them original to the standard as well as adding diversity to my kennel. Having small children myself I saw how great this breed would be with kids and be more comfortable for the wives to handle.


BBCR: When your Shortybulls arrived, what did you think?

Russell: I was excited! They were something very different from the bullies but still had the extreme look. I was really excited about the size of the Shortybulls. Wanted to breed something for the wives and daughters. They could take these to the shows and the men could bring the bullies.


BBCR: What do you think the future holds for Shortybulls in your area?

Russell: As soon as I got them I knew they would be a hit. I was like… this is going to take off in Hawaii and all over the world. I still feel the same way now. Everybody still wants them. Can’t keep up with the demand.


BBCR: Are the Shortybulls as popular as other breeds there?

Russell: They still don’t know what the breed it is. And the ones that do know what they are… are still in awe. I always have to explain what they are. They are true show stoppers.


BBCR: Anything else you would like to add?

Russell: You can walk these Shorties and not worry about your neighbors giving you the stink eye, like they give you when you walk the bullies. They don’t tell their children to get in the house, ect. They actually bring the kids up to the Shorties and let them pet them. I see the breed growing very fast. Like I said… I can’t keep up with the demand. They are a big hit.

I want to create a certain look. I want more the smaller and compact side. Also want to add more bone and bigger heads. Nothing wrong with what other breeders are doing but that is what I want to try and create as a breeder. A more extreme Romeo.

I would like to Thank God for all he has blessed me with these beautiful animals. I also give thanks to Amy Krogman, the BBCR and the Shortybull Coalition. Also want to give thanks to all my customers that bought the breed and the people waiting for the breed.


-Russell Chun



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