Shortys Canada

Watch out Toronto… The Shortybull Has Arrived


Owner: Earl Leonio

Location: Toronto, Canada

Dogs: Nahla and a Male TBA


BBCR: How did you discover the breed?

Earl: I have an American Bully, who is UKC and ABKC registered. One day I was at the ABKC page and saw the Shortybull and instantly I fell in love with them.


BBCR: What about the breed made you decide to get them?

Earl: I love the look and how they can do stuff those big dogs can do.

BBCR: How did you feel about them when you finally got them and how do you feel about them now?

Earl: I was amazed and I love them!! And now that I got 2, I want more!!!


BBCR: How has your area responded to the breed?

Earl: People in my area fell in love with them from the time they arrived. They take pictures of them and with them like they are little celebrities.

BBCR: What makes them fit in to life into your area?

Earl: Knowing that they are a good size for any types of households, they are versatile like that and low maintenance!!

BBCR: Where do you see the breed your area in the future?

Earl: I’m planning to get these guys and make them big here. From my first experience when I took them around, people will want these guys! They will be here for a while!


BBCR: What are your goals with the breed?

Earl: My goal is to be an ambassador for the breed here in Canada and to create top notch high quality shorties!!


BBCR: Anything else you would like to add?

Earl: I just want to thank BlueRock Kennels for giving me the opportunity to have these guys here with me in Toronto, Canada!!!


-Earl Leonio

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