Shortys in guam

Shortybulls say “Hafa Adai” to Guam


Owner: Justin Cruz

Location: Ordot, Guam

Dogs: Dough Dough


BBCR: How did you discover the breed?

Justin: Online! I was actually looking to bring in american bully but then I came across this guy selling Shortybulls. I did some research on them… Now I am hooked!


BBCR: What about the breed made you decide to get them?

Justin: The size and cute faces! I wanted to get a dog that I could keep in the house, that wouldn’t get too big.


BBCR: How did you feel about them when you finally got them and how do you feel about them now?

Justin: I love my dog! Everywhere I go with her people freak out because they have never seen anything like her before.


BBCR: How has your area responded to the breed?

Justin: Everyone here loves her! Heard a couple people are trying to bring more in.


BBCR: What makes them fit in to life into your area?

Justin: Everything about her…. she’s a very smart dog.


BBCR: What future do you see for the breed in your area?

Justin: We will probably see the shortybulss have there own class at the shows. As of now I am the only one with them on the island.


BBCR: What are your goals with the breed?

Justin: To bring in another male and female. I really want to help spread the breed on my island.


BBCR: Anything else you would like to add?

Justin: Thanks to SMK Hawaii and Bully Industry Hawaii for a great dog. Also thanks to the founders for creating such a wonderful breed.


– Justin Cruz

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