Skip Miller To Be New BBCR Director of Judges

07 Apr Skip Miller To Be New BBCR Director of Judges

Skip Miler


Skip Miller to Join the BBCR as Director of Judges

In a day and age where the experience and credibility of Bully breed judges faces a great deal of scrutiny, the Bull Breed Coalition Registry continues to make bold personnel moves to elevate its level of credibility within the Bully community.

Though the BBCR has been known for having quality judges, the roster of judges has been lacking depth within recent years. With the recent announcement that the registry intends to bulk up its number of judges within the United States, Skip Miller appears to be the man who will lead the charge in training all newcomers in the future.

New BBCR CEO Kamerion Wimbley weighed in on the newest addition to the BBCR staff: “We’re excited to have Skip join the BBCR team in a more official capacity. It’s obvious that Skip is a knowledgeable and well-respected dog man in the community. We’re confident that his experience and credibility will be invaluable to this registry and our team of judges. The BBCR is big on education, and we believe that Skip’s ability to properly evaluate dogs and train judges is something our registrants will truly appreciate.”

The BBCR isn’t stopping there – they are currently reviewing all of the current breed standards, and putting together new testing material for future judges. Knowing that judging is a vital element to the success of any registry, the BBCR appears to be taking giant strides in the right direction.

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