A glance at the BBCR’s growth and future opportunities

05 Jul A glance at the BBCR’s growth and future opportunities

Since its establishment in 2004, the Bull Breed Coalition Registry has grown from a registry for the Shortybull breed to a major international registry poised to become the premier registry for bully breeds.

We are all extremely honored and excited to be a part of BBCR as we enter our next phase of growth. From the expansion of our U.S. judges to our unique MemberPlus program, BBCR continues to develop and implement innovative strategies for growth in the world of registries. We plan to continue to grow in ways that will benefit both new members and current members.

Thanks to the efforts of COO Marco Antonio Suarez and CEO Kamerion Wimbley, as well as the entire BBCR team, our conformation events have been tremendously successful. In December 2016, we held our first International Specialty in Lima, Peru, and in June we completed the first BBCR National Specialty at Purina Farms, Eureka, Missouri.

We were thrilled to celebrate our First National Winner, “Danger,” an American Bully owned and handled by Josh Beavers. Danger was both the American Bully Best in Show Winner and Best In Breed Winner. The National Specialty was Josh’s first BBCR show, and we congratulate him on this historic win.

As our first National Specialty came to a close, we have seen increasing interest in bringing BBCR events to a variety of geographic locations. More and more people are discovering the BBCR and joining the registry as members. We appreciate the support and look forward to the opportunity to serve you in your area in the years to come.

Next, the BBCR heads to Las Vegas, Nevada in September for Viva Las Bully. In October, we are going to North Carolina for the BBCR Fall Bully Fair, which will be hosted by Timorhy Sinclair and Bully World Productions. We are already booking future events for 2018 and 2019.

We would also like to congratulate Mo Barrow, Jose Gomez, Al Rivera, and Lydia Duarte-Castagna for their success as they become official Shortybull Judges. Judges have considerable hands-on experience owning, breeding, and/or exhibiting dogs, and we are honored to have such a successful panel of both and national and international judges.

The BBCR encourages anyone interested in hosting a BBCR event in your area to contact us by phone at (813) 388-2905 or email at info@bbcr.com.

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