Weight Pull Events

BBCR Weight Pull Event Guidelines


Weight Pull Rules And Regulations

(Handlers must be 16 years of age or older)


1. All dogs must weigh in to be put into proper weight class. It is your responsibility to pay attention when weigh ins start. If you miss it, it’s your fault and no refunds will be given.

2. All uncontrollable dogs maybe excused from competition at judges discretion. WITH NO REFUND!

3. No bitches in heat are allowed to compete.

4. Dogs are not allowed to pull with a leash on.

5. Dogs must pull a distance of 16 feet in 60 seconds.

6. Once dog is hooked up to the sled the handler must remove the leash, and hand it over to the time keeper judge. Handler must still maintain control of dog by it’s collar.

7. Once the clock has started handlers are to release the dog.

8. Handlers are not allowed to touch the dog during the pull. If you do it will be foul.

9. Should the dog run off track and be in a position to get hurt. The judge will stop the time clock and allow the handler to reset their dog at the spot the cart stopped. Then the pull will resume.

10. Should a dog have to be adjusted more than once, that dog will be given a foul.

11. After completion of the pull the results will be announced to the handler.

12. Should a dog not complete the pull within 60 seconds, it will be given a foul.

13. Handler determines when to bring their dog in on weight. Once a dog enters it has two weight increment passes available.

14. Should a dog be given 3 fouls, it will be eliminated from competition.(Not Disqualified)

15. There will be no use of baits to entice dogs to pull. This competition is a test of GAMENESS AND COURAGE!

16. Should a judge feel that the dog maybe unable to pull the weights. And also a risk of injury. The judge has the right to excuse dog from the competition. Even if it dose not have 3 fouls.

17. After all weight classes have completed their pulls. The results will be calculated.

18. Dogs that URINATE or DEFECATE on track will be given a foul. If this happens more than once the dog will be disqualified from that competition.


When dogs don’t complete the pull within 60 seconds, the judge will notify the handler. Both handler and cart people will assist dog to complete the pull. We want to encourage all dogs to finish their pull.


Eligibility To Compete Pointed Weight Pull

  • BBCR Recognized Breeds
  • BBCR Contender Registered Dogs
  • Dogs with a Temporary Pass on the day of the event

Eligibility To Compete In “Probee” Pulls  new

  • BBCR Recognized Breeds
  • BBCR Contender Registered Dogs
  • Dogs with a Temporary Pass on the day of the event

Probee Pulls are for entry level dogs and handlers, trying to gain experience and confidence before entering the pursuit of sanctioned title. Dogs compete at the same time as Champion Competitors, given them the same experience and degree of competition at beginners level. Awards will be given to 1st and 2nd place by weight class for Probee Pull competitors. No point are given toward BBCR Weight Pull Titles.

Winners Are As Followed

  • 1st to 3rd Overall weight pulled in class
  • Best Pound For Pound in each class
  • Best In Show (Best overall pound for pound between all weight classes)


Weight Classes

Flyweights: 20 to 35 pounds

Lightweights: 36 to 50 pounds

Middleweights: 51 to 65 pounds

Light Heavyweights: 66 to 80 pounds

Heavyweights: 81 to 95 pounds

Super Heavyweights: 96 pounds and up


Weight Pull Point Schedule

  • 1st thru 3rd place is handed out in each class for the Most “Overall” weight pulled.
  • Pull Champion Points (15) are awarded to Pound for Pound class winners. We feel this is where the true test of strength lies.
  •  Pull Champion Points (10) are also awarded to the Most “Overall” weight pulled winner of each class.
  • Additional Pull Champion Points (5) are awarded to the Best In Show Pound For Pound Winner.


Champion Points (CHWP)

Class Pound For Pound

15 points

There must be at least 2 dogs in each class to earn pound for pound points.
1st Place in Class

10 points *

There must be at least 2 dogs in each class to earn points. In the event there is only one dog in a class, that dog must pull X30 it body weight to earn points.
Best In Show

(Overall Pound For Pound)

5 points

There must be at least 2 other classes to earn points.

* 10 points are awarded to the 1st place winner of the total weight pulled in each class. When the 1st place winner is also the Pound For Pound winner, the class points will go to the dog that places 2nd.
** Maximum points per show is 20


A dog must earn a total of 75 Points to become a Champion


  • If there are no other dogs in your weight class. Your dog is the only one, there will be no points awarded for class Pound For Pound. In the event there is only one dog in a class, that dog must pull X30 it’s body weight to earn 10 points.
  • If there is a champion competing in your weight class. Your dog wins class pound for pound but the Champions Pound For Pound is higher. Then the Champion moves on for best in show. The class dog pound for pound winner earns 15 points but does not move on. So Champion dogs can not take points away from class dogs.


Grand Champion (GRCHWP)

A total of 40 Champion Points are needed to earn Grand Champion Status
  • Champions working toward their Grand Champion title will compete with the class dogs. To earn points towards Grand Champion status, if there is only one Champion competing that day, the Champion’s Pound For Pound must be higher then the overall Best In Show winner of the event. If there are other Champions competing, the Champion with the highest Pound For Pound would be awarded 10 Champion points.


Requirements For A Weight Pull

In order to host a weight pull competition, here is what will be required:

  • BBCR recognizes both rail and wheeled cart pulling methods.
  • Carts and wheeled carts should be 4’ x 4’ width by length.
  • Rails are recommended to be 4’ wide (other widths acceptable).
  • Track must be at least 22 feet long.
  • You are required to have 1 BBCR Judges and 1 BBCR Representative for your competition. The host is required to provide at least 3 able bodied people to assist in manning the cart, loading and unloading weights. A space near the weight pull area for BBCR judges, registration for competition and weigh ins.
  • There also must be a covered or well shaded area which is required for the safety and comfort of the competing dogs.
  • There must be easy and close access to water for our dogs competing.
  • Dogs competing should have their own harnesses.



Procedures and weight increments:

Flyweights: load an average of 150 to 175 pounds each round.

Lightweights: load an average of 200 to 225 pounds each round.

Middleweights: load an average of 225 to 250 pounds each round.

Light Heavyweights: load an average of 250 to 300 pounds each round.

Heavyweights & Super Heavyweights: load an average of 300 to 350 pounds each round.


Once all dogs 65 pounds and under are no longer competing, the judge will meet with remaining competitors and determine new weight increase for each remaining round.


Of course use better judgment. If the dogs look like none will make it to the to 10th round then cut down. If dogs look like they maybe able to crack more weight then use your judgment.


This is just an average system; this is a basic set up to keep our dogs safe. And also understand that rail systems will produce about 25 to 30 percent more weight pulled. So rail Judges watch carefully and use your judgment.

Same with wheeled cart Judges make sure you don’t overload them early.


Weight Pull Event Information and Documents

Event Host Application

Judge/Rep/Host Agreement

Weight Pull Entry Form

Event Reporting Form

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