weight pull judges duties

Judges Duties

As judges of weight pulling competitions, there is specific duties to be done. All judges will be trained to do both time clock and score keeping. There will always be 2 judges for each competition, both work as a team. We would like that our judges have little to no effect on the outcome of the results. This is a sport where the dog determines the results. But it is your duty to enforce all of the rules and regulations set forth for this competition.

Judges are a team, get your game plan before you start. You may rotate judging jobs every other weight class if you want.

Time Clock Judge

1. Will be in charge of running the stop watch properly. 2. Will make sure to let handler know when he is ready. Take the leash from handler. Once dog is released then the time starts. Should the handler not give you the leash before the time clock is started thats a foul. Be sure when talking to the handlers to speak in a loud clear voice. 3. To give the results after each pull to the handler and to the score keeper judge. 4. The only Judge that may DQ or give fouls to competitors. 5. Make sure that when a dog is called up to pull that he walks down the length of the pull and then back towards the cart. 6. To make sure that there is no distractions around pulling area for dogs.

Score Keeper Judge

As the score keeper judge you will be in control of the flow of the competition. It’s your job to have everything set to go.

1. Make sure that all handlers are ready. These are the terms to be used… a. Dog “Arm Band Number” on deck that means thats the dog that up to pull. b. Dog “Arm Band Number” in the hole that means thats the dog up next. 2. Once a dog is finished pulling get the next dog ready to stand bye. 3. Keep accurate records of results. 4. To make sure that the proper amount of weights is being loaded after each round. 5. To make sure that there is no distractions around pulling area for dogs. 6.Should you call up the next dog to pull and they are not around. This is what should be done. a. Yell out first call give it 20 seconds b. Yell out second call give it 20 seconds c. Yell out third call give it 10 seconds, if no dog then the missing dog is given a foul. And the next dog will be up. The dog that was absent and given a foul will have to pull in the next round. No dogs are to pull out of order.

We as judges must make sure not to wait long to start each dogs pull. You must understand that the longer it takes the dogs will cool down. Thus be more likely to injure itself.

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