Which Human Foods Are Safe for Your Bully?

15 Jun Which Human Foods Are Safe for Your Bully?

Have you ever wondered which human foods are most nutritious for your bully? What about those that aren’t so good?

Take a look at our roundup of the 10 of the healthiest “human” foods your bully can eat. We’ve also included an overview of the vitamins and nutrients they provide.

But our list wouldn’t be complete if we only told you the good stuff. So, we’ve also listed the 10 most dangerous “human” foods your bully can ingest.

Healthy “Human” Foods for Bullies

  1. Raw, Unsalted Peanut Butter– provides healthy fats and protein.  Your bully will ingest Vitamin B, Niacin, and Vitamin E, which boosts your bully’s energy level. These nutrients also aid in muscle development and maintenance.
  2. Carrots– provides fiber and beta carotenes for digestive, oral, and eye health.
  3. Cooked Chicken– a healthy protein for tissue health and repair. Cut down on added fat by removing the skin.  Avoid health hazards by removing bones and cooking the meat to kill bacteria.
  4. Plain Yogurt– contains probiotics that aid in digestive health. Yogurt also contains calcium and protein, which helps bone and muscle health. Start with small servings in case your bully is lactose intolerant.
  5. Cooked Salmon– contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids to help maintain a healthy skin and coat. This nutrient also provides a boost to the immune system.
  6. Pumpkin– provides fiber for digestive and gut health. Pumpkin also provides Vitamin A for eye health.
  7. Cooked Eggs/Egg Shells– excellent source of protein, riboflavin and selenium. Shells ground up and sprinkled in food provide additional protein and calcium. Cook eggs to avoid bacteria. You can also boil egg shells to prevent bacterial poisoning.
  8. Apples– provide fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Also works as a breath freshener, and a natural “tooth brush.” Avoid feeding the core and seeds to your bully since it presents a choking hazard. A build up of seeds over time can also lead to cyanide poisoning.
  9. Oatmeal– a soluble fiber that aids in digestive health. It is also a great source of carbohydrates for bullies with grain allergies.
  10. Liver– a good source of Vitamin B and Iron. Due its high Vitamin A content, do not exceed more than 1g of liver/kg of body weight daily.


Dangerous “Human” Foods for Bullies

  1. Chocolate– can cause abnormal heartbeat, kidney failure, and death. Toxicity is based on the weight of the dog and the cacao concentration. Dark chocolate is more toxic than milk chocolate.
  2. Caffeine– like alcohol, dogs are more sensitive to caffeine than humans. Ingesting coffee grounds, tea bags, or even a couple of diet pills can be deadly.
  3. Onions & Garlic– high levels of ingestion can cause life-threatening anemia. A rule of thumb: the more potent the vegetable, the more toxin it contains. (Garlic is more toxic than onions).
  4. Grapes & Raisins– may cause kidney failure, which can be irreversible, and sometimes fatal.
  5. Raw Yeast Dough– yeast can multiply, causing the dough to expand in the stomach to dangerous sizes. This can lead restricting blood flow and put pressure on the diaphragm. Yeast can also produce an alcohol that can cause intoxication.
  6. Artificial Sweeteners– even small amounts can lower blood sugar and trigger seizures. Other possible side effects are liver failure and in extreme cases, death.
  7. Avocado– contains a toxin, Persin, which can cause vomiting and  diarrhea. Ingestion can also lead to the onset of other digestive or waste elimination issues.
  8. Alcohol– bullies are more sensitive to alcohol than humans. So, ingesting a small amount can lead to intoxication, seizures, placement in a coma and death.
  9. Macadamia Nuts– all it takes is six macadamia nuts, raw or roasted, to make your dog sick. Symptoms include loss of control and/or use of hindquarters, muscle tremors and vomiting. Your bully could also experience an elevated body temperature and heart rate. Ingesting chocolate with Macadamias can also lead to death.
  10. Moldy Foods– certain molds are toxic to your bully. It is impossible to detect whether the mold is actually safe. Here’s a rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t eat it, neither should your bully.

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