Why BBCR’s new champion certs are good for your program…

21 Oct Why BBCR’s new champion certs are good for your program…

Demand for BBCR registration has been trending upward in recent months. There has been a buzz surrounding the news that BBCR will be scheduling it’s first Nationals inside of the USA in 2017. In preparation for this historic event, the BBCR has been making noticeable changes to its roster of judges. Dog enthusiasts from other registries are taking notice of the increase in knowledgeable and highly respected judges joining the BBCR team. Within the past several months, the BBCR has added names such as Al Rivera, Chris White, and Mo Borrow to it’s ranks.

The registry also more than doubled the amount of BBCR sanctioned shows in 2016.  That’s more shows than all of its previous years combined! The BBCR has also been in talks with several prominent show hosts and has plans to double it shows in states such as California, Texas, and Georgia. The registry has been dominant in Florida and has even thrown shows in Kansas. Other new locations in the works for 2017 include Ohio, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

The registry’s presence on an international level has also increased significantly in recent years, as it has held numerous shows in countries such as Peru, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain. The registry has been engaging in talks regarding expansion in Europe, and has even started planning their first show in Sweden.

What does all of that mean for the new BBCR champion certificate holders? BBCR is confident that all of these improvements will put its champions and registrants in high demand in the dog show community. BBCR has been known to go the extra mile for its dogs and registrants. Now, enthusiasts everywhere are starting to take notice and get onboard with the movement. The new champion certificates will ensure that the winning owners and show handlers accomplishments will be recognized in style.

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